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Anti Aging

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Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy – the ultimate Magic portion for all your Aging related problems. 

To begin with, Aging is a highly complex process in which the cells ultimately die as they permissively deteriorate with passing time. However, this process can be reversed or it can be impeded using novel stem cells. These cells have a remarkable anti-aging effect that helps in the reparation as well as regeneration of several organs which have been deteriorated as a result of stress and other harmful substances that we might come across in our everyday lives. With the help of stem cells, anti-aging can help repopulate one’s body with novel, younger cells. Adding fresh stem cells, not only contributes towards Anti-aging in fact it also helps improve our immune functions significantly. When someone progresses towards the age of 35, they tend to witness some physical changes in their body which are a result of growing age but with science evolving at a significant pace we now have the ultimate solution to these problems which is our revolutionary stem cell treatment for all aging related problems. The outcome however varies from case to case; it can turn out to be highly effective in certain cases where the revitalization process initiates at an early stage in life. 

What are the Key signals for identify aging? 

The early signs of aging usually show up when one enters their 30’s, however this is not a defined scale- it may vary depending upon the lifestyle choices one makes. For instance, people who’re into smoking often experience the signs of aging at an early stage because they’re more exposed to toxic elements than any other person usually would be. In the present case scenario, the early signs of aging are not limited to people who smoke – In fact, most of the ladies who work in the kitchen all throughout the day and are exposed to heat/smoke that is generated from the stove also happen to witness early signs of aging. 

What are the indications that direct us towards aging?  

Some indications of aging include:  

Loss of concentration, Poor memory, Tiredness and regular fatigue, Loss of energy, Repetitive mood swings, Hair loss, Wrinkled skin, Loss of skin texture, Pigmentation, Declined sex drive, Insomnia, Various aches and pain as well as degenerative diseases. 

What do stem cells precisely do in order to prevent aging? 

Stem cells is that magic portion which is responsible for providing healthy “replacement cells” to your body. These replacement cells are the same cells that you were once born with. These cells are provided by your body itself, to help you replace the already existing damaged cells/ old cells/ the cells that are on the urge of dying. With passing time, an Individual start losing the currently present healthy cells from their body, the system’s recovery process eventually fades, it turns out to be more complex and a lengthier one. 

Further making their body lose its natural ability towards healing as a result age, life illnesses as well as traumas. It is usually during this period that certain chronic ailments tend to show up. Once you decide to go indulge in our stem cell therapy program- our experts thoroughly examine your current state as well as your previous medical records, in order to understand you and your body to the best of their knowledge and help you achieve the best desired outcome. 

What are the Results achieved so far? 

Holistic Wellbeing: The treatment supports overall wellbeing; thus, the changes reflect as a whole. 

  1. Physical Improvements 
  2. Aesthetic improvements include: 
  • Say hello to young and youthful skin 
  • Skin on the face and hands tighten 
  • Visibly less wrinkles 
  • Grey hair goes back to normal/ turn black
  • Hair follicles thicken, helps have voluminous hair 
  1. Higher Energy Levels thus, better performance rate 
  2. Better Mental and Emotional stability, hence improved code of conduct 
  3. Overall Improvement in the way one leads their life. 

Visible decline in the symptoms associated with degenerative diseases and a considerable improvement in complete vitality and libido. 

How does the Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy for aging work? 

During a typical stem cell anti-aging treatment, we use Bone marrow/Adipose derived stem cells, process them and inject them back into the patient’s body. This freshly processed, young pool of novel stem cells is what acts as the ultimate magic portion and starts working in an endless number of ways: 

  • Replacement of ageing stem cells with new ones. 
  • Regeneration of damaged tissue 
  • Cell -to-Cell stimulatory interaction. 
  • Introduction of Anti-inflammatory mechanism 
  • Complete 360° modulation of immune system 
  • Over time, your body gets fully replenished and becomes rejuvenated following the active renewal of cells. 

Biofacial Rejuvenation  

What is BioFacial Rejuvenation?  

Facial Rejuvenation is an extraordinary, latest, non-surgical technique that is put into use to help one rejuvenate facial skin. It helps relieve many problematic skin conditions, such as: 

  • Relieving Tired Eyes/Dark Circles 
  • Reducing wrinkles 
  • Reversing the signs of Aging- crow’s feet, laugh lines, nasolabial folds, forehead lines 
  • Treating acne scarring 

How does BioFacial Rejuvenation work? 

As a part of BioFacial Rejuvenation we use, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for the regeneration of the facial tissue. PRP is basically processed and separated from concentrated plasma derived from the patient’s own blood. It comprises of more than 30 growth factors that contribute significantly in the entire process. Once carefully separated in a syringe, We inject this plasma full of regenerative healing powers into the patients face. PRP is an organic revolutionary procedure and is entirely based on a non-surgical approach. 

facial Rejuvenation allows us, strike an immune response within the patient’s body. This immune response further stimulates the platelets, collagens, elastin, fibroblasts and growth factors that miraculously help in the regeneration of facial tissue. The results show up within a 

period of 2-3 months as It takes approximately six weeks for new collagen to form. The induction of collagen is what heals scarring by acne and reverses ageing effects. 

How does PRP Function? 

PRP doesn’t involve the use of any artificial substances, thus it is not at a chemical-based technique. It is completely organic in nature since it is drawn from the patients own blood. The collected blood is processed in a centrifuge and is concentrated to create this plasma that has more than 30 growth factors in it. This PRP once injected, its growth factors start acting up and help rejuvenate the aged and dry skin. PRP has the power to form new and healthy cells that increase collagen production which further brings elasticity back to your skin. 

While performing his revolutionary technique, we do not involve the use of any artificial substances but just put the regenerative properties of your own body into best possible use by allowing it to reverse the effects of ageing on your face. 

Which areas of the skin can be treated using BioFacial Rejuvenation? 

The areas that can be treated include: 

Forehead lines, Frown lines, Brow shaping, Cheek definition, Bunny lines, Crow’s feet, Under eye dark circles, Lip wrinkles, Chin creasing, Nasolabial folds, Mouth frown, Accordion lines, Marionette lines, Jawline, Back of the hands, Décolleté wrinkles or crease-marked skin. 

What should one expect after the procedure? 

Once you’re through with the procedure, you can comfortably go out, run errands and carry on your routine life. You need not stay back at the hospital overnight or look forward to any follow-up visits. 

What are the stages of healing? 

The healing process can be put together in three simple stages: 1. Inflammation 2. Regeneration 3. Remodelling 

  • The first stage, i.e. the Inflammation stage lasts for around 2-3 days, during this stage, the injected fibroblasts initiate breaking down of the old cells and increase collagen deposition into the skin. The unhealthy collagen cells are replaced with new healthy ones during this stage. 
  • Talking of the Regenerative stage, it lasts for quite a many weeks. This is the stage where new collagen-producing cells are formed within the skin. 
  • Coming to the last phase, the Remodelling phase, it can last for about a year and during this phase, the production of collagen continues and these newly formed collagen cells strengthen the skin and makes it more elastic. 

The final result of the facial Rejuvenation shows hereafter, The facial tissue starts repairing the, it is regenerated from within and your skin feels rejuvenated with a smooth and glowing appearance to it. The skin feels youthful.

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